Pelatihan Electrical Isolation


Pelatihan / Training Electrical Isolation adalah program training engineering dari PT Gama Semesta Konsultindo. Pelatihan / Training Electrical Isolation diselenggarakan di Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang dan Bali.


Deskripsi Pelatihan/ Training Electrical Isolation

Electrical Isolation training is aimed at any person who has the responsibility for the isolation of electrical supplies whether it be for electrical or non electrical work. This training ensures that the attendees have a basic understand of electricity such that they understand what they are doing and know what makes a hazardous situation and why it occurs.


Materi Pelatihan/ Training Electrical Isolation

  1. Basic Electrical Principles
  2. Electrical Hazards
  3. The Principles of Electrical Isolation
  4. Types of isolating devices
  5. Methods of isolation
  6. Removing an isolation and returning a system to normal operation
  7. Permits to Work
  8. Electrical Protection Devices
  9. Electrical Grounding
  10. Case Study


Instruktur Pelatihan / Training Electrical Isolation

Dr. Eng. Suharyanto dan tim


Waktu dan Tempat Pelatihan / Training Electrical Isolation

  • 3 (tiga) hari kerja, di Hotel berbintang Yogyakarta, Jakarta,  Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang dan Bali
  • Quota minimum 2 orang peserta
  • Fasilitas : Modul (hard and soft copy), sertifikat, flash disk, training kit, souvenir, lunch/2x coffee break


Informasi lengkap tentang Pelatihan / Training Electrical Isolation hubungi ibu Risma atau  ibu Kusnuroini  di 0813-9229-0011, 0812-1516-0011,0877-3989-1000.

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