Pelatihan Power Plant Chemistry

Pelatihan / Training Power Plant Chemistry adalah program Training Engineering dari PT Gama Semesta Konsultindo. Pelatihan / Training Power Plant Chemistry diselenggarakan di Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang dan Bali.

Deskripsi Pelatihan/ Training Power Plant Chemistry

Reduce Hydrogen Damage. Reduce Boiler Tube Failures. Improve Unit Reliability. Minimize Corrosion Deposition. Learn the proper respond when chemical parameters are exceeded. Understand the consequences of operation while boiler and feed water chemistry limits are being exceeded.

The course provides and understanding of the role of chemistry in a power plant and the effect of chemical controls on the operation of the system. Unit efficiency, reliability, and availability can be adversely affected by in proper boiler water chemistry. The results of a multi-million dollar overhaul can be negated during start-up due to in proper boiler water chemistry.

Tujuan Pelatihan/ Training Power Plant Chemistry

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant should be able to:
1.    Describe the theory behind chemical analysis and control used in the power plant.
2.    Discuss the safety requirement to be followed during sampling, analysis, and addition of chemical.
3.    Describe the procedures for sampling and analyzing various water sources.
4.    Describe the basis for the various chemistry limits imposed for different system in the power plant.
5.    Describe the mechanism for the various types of corrosion and how this corrosion is controlled.

Materi Pelatihan/ Training Power Plant Chemistry

1.    Introduction
2.    Chemistry Fundamentals
3.    Corrosion
4.    Make Up Water Treatment
5.    Boiler Water Treatment
6.    Control Guidelines
7.    Instrumentation
8.    Course Conclusion

Instruktur Pelatihan/ Training Power Plant Chemistry

 Yuni Kusumastuti, ST,M.Eng,D.Eng

Waktu dan Tempat Pelatihan / Training Power Plant Chemistry

  • 3 (tiga) hari kerja, di Hotel berbintang Yogyakarta, Jakarta,  Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang dan Bali
  • Quota minimum 2 orang peserta
  • Fasilitas : Modul (hard and soft copy), sertifikat, flash disk, training kit, souvenir, lunch/2x coffee break

Informasi lengkap tentang Pelatihan / Training Power Plant Chemistry hubungi ibu Risma atau  ibu Kusnuroini  di 0813-3532-3939, 0813-9229-0011, 0812-1516-0011, 0877-3989-1000.

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