Training Instrumentation and Calibration

Training Instrumentation and CalibrationTraining Instrumentation and Calibration adalah program Training Engineering dari PT Gama Semesta Konsultindo. Training Instrumentation and Calibration diselenggarakan di Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang dan Bali.

Deskripsi Pelatihan / Training Instrumentation and Calibration

This course is designed to give a good understanding of common instrumentation equipment and of the actual concepts and factors involved in setting up, calibrating, and troubleshooting common instrumentation sensors, transducers, and systems. This course covers the theory of operation as well as the common problems, misconceptions, and errors of the sensors and systems presented. This course is usually around 25% to 75% lab and is typically delivered in 2 to 4 days. We also offer a pure lecture / demo based course in instrumentation & calibration at a reduced rate.

Materi Pelatihan / Training Instrumentation and Calibration

  1. Reasons for measurement / overview / history
  2. Parts of the basic instrumentation & control loop
  3. Using process & instrument drawings (P& ID’s)
  4. Process control signals and common transducers
  5. Understanding the 4 to 20 milliamp current loop
  6. Signal conversions
  7. Basics of instrument calibrations
  8. Position, and speed sensors
  9. Temperature sensors and calibrations
  10. Pneumatic and hydraulic pressure concepts
  11. Pressure, force, and strain sensors and calibrations
  12. Level detectors and calibrations
  13. Fluid and gas flow concepts
  14. Flow detectors
  15. Typical problems in instrumentation systems
  16. Smart instruments
  17. Instrumentation data communications and networks
  18. Trends in sensors and instrumentation
  19. Designing and installing instrumentation systems
  20. Troubleshooting instrumentation systems

Peserta Pelatihan / Training Instrumentation and Calibration

Training ini secara khusus ditujukan bagi staff, operator, supervisor dan engineer

Instruktur Pelatihan / Training Instrumentation and Calibration

Heruwanto, S.T., M.M.

Waktu dan Tempat Pelatihan / Training Instrumentation and Calibration

  • 3 (hari) kerja, di Hotel berbintang Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang dan Bali
  • Available untuk kelas kecil dan kelas besar
  • Metode pelatihan dapat diselenggarakan secara online maupun offline
  • Fasilitas : Modul, sertifikat, training kit, souvenir, lunch, 2x coffee break

Jadwal Pelatihan / Training Instrumentation and Calibration fleksible dan dapat menyesuaikan permintaan (selama memenuhi kuota peserta).

Informasi lengkap tentang Pelatihan / Training Instrumentation and Calibration hubungi ibu Risma atau ibu Kusnuroini  di 0877-3989-1000, 0812-1516-0011, 0813-9229-0011 .

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  1. Met Pagi, berapa biaya training instrumentation & calibrationnya di Jakarta? kapan schedule-nya?

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